Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Throwing the Perfect Party with Candy Station

So, are you planning a perfect party? Here you can find all your answers if you are planning or throwing a party. You have to plan a party whether it is a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, reception party, Halloween party, New year party, wedding party, or anything else. Your parties are always perfect with the candies. Adding sugar in your parties gives it an extra sweet look.

Candy Station
Throwing a party and you are worried about the party station. Then the candy station would be the perfect destination for any party. Set up any candy station into an exquisite design and theme. A party is perfect with candies and desserts. Candy stations are on the hit list these days for throwing parties. They can provide you candy and a perfect set up for your party. If you want to throw a party for your friends and family then the candy station would be a flawless choice you can make.

The concept of the candy station starts from the two promising women, Rosie O’ Neill, and Linda Howard. They are honored by the name of Queens of Candy. Both ladies can give you the perfect advice for the candy parties. Bot ladies come up with some tremendous ideas for the candy station parties.

Maybe you are new for the idea of a candy station party. But here I will give all the advice from these two ladies for your candy party. You can throw a perfect candy station for your special event.

Accessories you need
The first thing you should know about the perfect candy station is, you will need some important accessories for your party. The first thing is the glass jars. You will need some different shaped glass jars for your candy station. Add different candies with different colors in these jars. Leave some jars empty. And add shimmer, stars, fairy lights in some empty jars. You need to buy differently shaped candies with different colors. Buy some eye-catching decorations also. And place such things on your table. You need to be creative with assembling of the things. Put some confetti in one jar and also throw it at your table.

Candles and fairy lights are a very important part of the parties. With these candy jars, you need to place some candles and lights on the table. Put a candle on each table. Tie a ribbon around each candle. For decoration, you need to buy balloons, glitters, and streamers. These are the eye-catching and attractive things in any party.

Selection of color

Theme parties are in trend but selecting a perfect color would be tough. Do not always go with baby pink or blue color. For a baby girl shower party, you can go with red, pastels, parrot green, white, and beige colors. For boys, you can select yellow, white, black, and brown colors. So, you need to be different in selecting the perfect color. As the combo of the two or three colors will give the snazzy look. Your balloons should match your theme color. Ribbons should be dark. Try to buy scented candles for your party.

Goodie bags
The important thing to any party would be a perfect gift. Buy goodie bags as gifts for your guests. Now it is up to you want to add in your goodie bags. Candy is one of the most important things to add. Add different candies with different shape and color. You can add whole candy boxes. Add some streamer and glitter in the bags and tie with a beautiful ribbon.

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