Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Make your own Candy Boxes

Gifts make you happy but u know a handmade gift can make you more than happy. A present which you make by your own self, it represents some extra love and care. The presents become more precious and special when you put your own efforts in it. It is very easy to go to any shop and buy a present for someone. But if you make a special thing for someone special or you just make any special box for the packing of the gift. It looks more special and beautiful. If you want to cherish someone or you make someone astonish, you should make something on your own. Like you can bake cakes, cookies, brownies, or anything which they like most. The utmost lovely feeling is receiving a handmade gift which you love.

As you know many people make boxes for their personal use. You have seen sturdy containers at anyone’s home. Some people make handmade boxes and use such boxes for coins, accessories, jewelry, food items, paper clips, letters, and stationery. You can also make a handmade box. If you want to keep your special things in any special box. Then you can be able to make by yourself and keep your precious things in it.

Gifts are always very special. A person who gives a present also add his/her love and time in it. If you want to make your recipient cherish, then make a gift by your own or at least make a handmade box for it. The easiest and lovely gift is giving someone special candy or cookies. You can make cookies at your home. Or you can buy candy or cookies from any store. For making your gift special and memorable, you have to wrap it in a most special way. And also make your own candy box. You should be creative with gifts and wrappings. You can make some tremendous boxes of candy. You have to explore your creative side. Put your all the creativity in the candy boxes. This is not a difficult thing to do. Your little effort can make someone happy.


Decoupage is a French word and French people use it to say “cut out”. The term is used for decorating objects. When you cut out something, you can change the existing object and its shape. In this manner, you are creative with your objects. Art is the inner creativity and you can explore your creative side by experimenting on different things. You have various free boxes in your home. You can use these boxes as candy boxes. Search out your clutter and pick some boxes. Visit any nearby shop and buy some decoration for the box. First of all, the box should be sturdy. Cardboard boxes are the best choice for a candy box. Use a cutter to give your old box a new shape. You can cut your box in a heart shape, square shape, round, or whatever shape you like. The second step is gluing your box’s corner properly. It will give an appropriate shape and look. Proper gluing will make your candy box sturdy and stiff.

Wrapping Sheet

For every present, its wrapping sheet is very important. So, be care full while selecting the wrapping sheet for your candy box. For making it shiny and impressive, use foil sheets. You can choose any other sheet according to your choice or recipient’s choice. Paste the wrapping sheet on the candy box with glue. Make sure no wrinkle is left in your wrapping sheet.


The last step is decorating your candy box. Visit any stationary shop and you will find many reasonable decorating accessories. Buy the beautiful ribbons, flowers, and cards. Paste some artificial flowers on the candy box. And then tie your gift with a ribbon. The finishing look of your candy box will be beautiful. You will enjoy making your own candy box.

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